Fusion Nutra | Functional Foods

we all know that feeling...

The constant push and pull of balancing healthy choices with guilty pleasures...

That's because good tasting food and good for you food are rarely one and the same.

that's why we made Fusion...

to combine the best of both worlds!

PUMP! Krispy Treat

Our inspiration for the Pump! Krispy was Mom's homemade marshmallow treat from childhood. .. read more We wanted to capture the flavor and essence of something we all enjoy while advancing the nutritional aspect. With its composition of simple carbs, beetroot powder and glycerol, this delicious on-the-go snack is sure to elevate your athletic performance AND satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cookie Dough Bar

A nutritionally dense, flavor-focused bar strongly reminiscent of the cookie dough we all used to sneak from the fridge as kids... read more It features 20 grams of our grass-fed whey protein blend, and is made with whole foods and REAL, melty chocolate chips! We've added hemp seed oil, for its anti-inflammatory benefits, perfectly balanced ratio of Omegas, and complimentary flavor.


Don't believe us? Ask Xen!

As Miss InterGalactic 2022, I have really high standards so I don’t just endorse anything… @FusionNutra definitely lives up to the hype. And this isn’t even a sponsored post!



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