4 Non Dairy Alternatives to Milk You Have To Try

Fri, May 21, 21

There's been an explosion of interest during recent years in alternative, plant based milk. 


Whether dairy makes your stomach churn or you are trying to do the environment a favor, here are some amazing non-dairy options at a grocery store near you!


The main differences boil down to taste, texture, and protein source.  In this article, I will be comparing almond, soy, hemp, and oat milk so that you can make the best lactose-free decision. 


Almond Milk

Woman with almonds in her right hand and a glass of almond milk in her left

Photo Credit:  Erin Fenton, https://www.thelist.com/


Almond milk is one of the most common dairy substitutes. The standard shelf price for almond milk is around $3.99 from your local grocery store.


It is largely available as an alternative at most restaurants and dining halls.  Always check the nutritional facts panel for added sugar, as a lot of brands or flavored almond milks tend to have questionable additives. 


Overall, it is a great source of calcium, high in Vitamin E, and relatively low in calories.  Almond milk also boasts richer texture and flavor than most other plant based milk.  This makes it one of the best and easiest plant based milk options to include in cereal, smoothies, and coffee or tea! 


Soy Milk

Glass filled with soy milk sitting atop a bed of raw soy beans

Photo Credit: Katie Kindelan, https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/

Soy Milk, like almond milk, is a common dairy alternative, although it differs from almond milk in texture, flavor, and nutritional value.


It typically comes with a more distinct taste and a thinner texture.  Also a common non-dairy alternative, you can find it almost anywhere sweetened or unsweetened.


Men should always do their own research when consuming soy products, as there is some evidence to suggest that they can have an adverse effect on testosterone levels.  


Soy milk is the best non-dairy alternative for baked goods, and you can get a carton for around $4.30. 


Oat Milk 

Oat milk pouring from one jar into another, with an all-white background containing some scattered oats

Photo Credit: Linley Richter, https://fitfoodiefinds.com/


Usually a bit harder to find, but growing in popularity, is classic oat milk.


  Tending to lean on the sweeter side of things, oat milk is a particularly wonderful additive or replacement in food and drinks like baked goods, smoothies, and coffee or tea. 


Personally, I feel that a splash of sweetened oat milk in a hazelnut coffee is the perfect combination of sweet and nutty undertones amongst the bitterness of coffee. Oat milk is one of the pricier options and can cost you up to $5.29.


Hemp Milk

Feminine hands holding a glass of hemp milk with hemp hearts surrounding the scene

Photo Credit:  Devika Vanjani, https://theveganreview.com/


Hemp milk is like a hidden treasure amongst non-dairy options. Although it may be the priciest of the list, running at about $10 per quart, it has an incredibly nutty, rich flavor and creamy consistency.


Although it is derived from the cannabis plant, there is no need to worry about being left intoxicated!


It is great in cereal, smoothies, and baked goods, and also as a non-dairy alternative for those with tree nut allergies. Its creamier texture is especially useful in milk based recipes such as curries. 


So, which one is the best?


You can’t possibly go wrong with these non-dairy alternatives, as they satisfy just about every need imaginable!


Although soy and almond milk are the most common of the list, hemp and oat milk are rich in flavor and benefit and should not be overlooked.


Have a lactose-free day! 


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