6 Idiot Sandwiches You'd Be A Fool Not To Make

Fri, May 28, 21

Lately, kitchen creativity has meant ditching brioches and toasts for non-starchy sandwiching substitutes.


Whether you’re cutting down on carbs or you just want some variety in your sammy game, here are six different ways you can make some idiot sandwiches!


Bell Peppers Buns

Three sandwiches using bell peppers in place of bread or buns

Credit: Rachel Paul, @collegenutritionist on Instagram

Bell peppers are a benevolent source of Vitamins A and C, as well as many antioxidants. They’re a great food for pregnant people as they contain folate. They’re also great for anemics, as they have both iron and Vitamin C (which increases iron absorption in the body).


Different colored peppers contain different ratios of these nutrients, so mix n’ match, or do color rotations when you consume your capsicums!


To make a bell pepper sandwich, first slice the pepper down the center and carefully destem and deseed it. You should have two pepper halves that you can fill. I recommend putting a spreadable cheese on the inside first, such as a garlic-and-herb cream cheese. Not only is it a great accompaniment to the pepper, but it also helps other components of the filling stick to them better. 



Portobello Caps

Three sandwiches using Portobello Mushroom Caps in place of bread or buns

Credit: Eric & Shanna Jones, https://dudethatcookz.com/

No cap unless we’re talking about Portobello!  Mushrooms are packed with umami, a term used to describe savory foods. This flavor profile, coupled with their dense texture, gives them a meaty mouthfeel. While they’re usually hailed as a great meat substitute, here they are an effective replacement for hamburger buns, rich in various B vitamins.


If you’re a hardcore mushroom lover, you might just feel fine with giving these caps a good rinse and just eating them raw, with whatever additions you want.


Otherwise, we recommend baking these caps at 350℉ or grilling them until they’re fork-tender and not super watery. Depending on what kind of sandwich you’re going for, you may even want to scoop out some of their insides so that certain customizations —such as baking an egg in it— are possible.


Egg Sliders

Plate of three egg, avocado, and pepper sliders using halves of a hard boiled egg in place of bread or buns

Credit: Kroger’s website, https://www.kroger.com/r/keto-hard-boiled-egg-and-bacon-sandwich-recipe/5d37090b9da07c11a3901853


Looks like deviled eggs’ cousin came to visit the table. 


Eggs are touted as Nature’s multivitamin, and for good reason: the protein rich egg white coats a yolk that is nutritional gold rich enough to sustain new life.


These sliders are a quirky filling appetizer worth trying out!


They’re also easier to make than deviled eggs. Just slice a hard boiled egg in half, put in pinch-sized amounts of your fillings of choice, then secure it all with a toothpick. Avoid overtly saucy fillings for these; you’re better off dipping these in your condiments of choice.


 Baked Eggplant Sandwich Thins

An eating tray displaying two sandwiches using fried eggplant in place of bread or buns

 Credit: Ilana Mulstein, https://www.ilanamuhlstein.com/dishes/eggplant-sandwich-thins/

I like throwing shade. Nightshades, that is!


Outside of an emoji keyboard, eggplants don’t seem to dominate the American culinary scene. But this underrated veggie is fibrous, full of manganese and phytonutrients that promote better blood health. When cooked, it has a tender texture that takes on the flavor of whatever you season or marinate it with. 


Slicing them into coins and baking them will give them crisp edges that have a satisfying snap when you chomp into them. You can dip these eggplant coins into spreads of choice, or you can assemble mini eggplant sandwiches like the one pictured above. 



Chaffle Sandwich

A sandwich using chaffle instead of bread or buns

Credit: Ashley Mott, https://hip2keto.com/author/hipashley/

When you’re not in the mood for a veggie-based bun but straight-up egg sliders seem like bun blasphemy, grab that waffle iron. A chaffle is a cheese waffle. At its most basic, it’s a beaten egg mixed with half a cup of shredded cheese of your choice, pressed in a waffle iron.


If you visit Reddit and search r/chaffles, you might be overwhelmed by all the ways people have customized their chaffle sandwiches, but the creativity is simultaneously inspirational. 


Regardless, the great thing about chaffles is that they can be made either sweet or savory. Generally speaking, milder flavored cheeses tend to be better for sweet recipes (think ricotta, cottage cheese, or even shredded mozzarella). Save the sharper varieties, like cheddar or asiago, for your more savory fare.



Cucumber Boats

Cucumber boats filled with cream cheese and assorted shredded vegetables

Credit: Sue, https://mykoreankitchen.com/about/


Cukes are a good source of Vitamin K, and they’re also one of the most refreshing vegetables. Naruto style sushi rolls use wide flat strips of cucumber in place of rice to secure pieces of seafood, and this sandwich idea is a concept that’s in a similar...boat.


Get a knife and your cucumbers of choice. Personally I’d probably grab the longest English cucumber I can find in my fridge’s crisper, but a few smaller Persian cucumbers would make for cuter Foodstagram pics.


Regardless, cut the cuke in half lengthwise. Get a spoon and carefully scoop out the insides, seeds and all. You can add seasonings, but note that salt will make the cuke “sweat,” so have a napkin on hand to dab at the excess water. You can then add fillings of choice. Seafoody type fillings, like shrimp, crabstick salad, or tuna salad are highly recommended. 


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