Do your products need to be stored at a specific temperature?

No, all of our products are entirely shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature.  In particularly hot climates, it may be preferable to store in a cool, dark place so that certain ingredients, like chocolate chips, do not melt.  

Is it possible that your products are cross-contaminated with tree nut or peanut traces?

Yes, our products are manufactured in facilities that also process nuts.  On all of our products there are acknowledgements about potential allergen contaminants

How long do your products last?

All of our products vary in time until expiration, but typically come in at a minimum of six months shelf stability.  Though we don’t recommend it, certain members of the founding team have been known to consume the bars well after expiration this point.  

Can I heat or bake these products?

Yes.  While we generally do not recommend this, as our products are designed to be consumed as-is, there are certain applications for heating our protein bars and super scoops.  Protein bars can be microwaved for 15 - 20 seconds and topped with our Super Spread to transform into a delectable, high protein dessert.  Our Super Scoops can be placed in dollops on a cookie sheet and baked to yield high protein cookies.  

What sweeteners do you use? sugar alcohol, allulose, stevia, etc

Every product is different, but we do make use of sweeteners like stevia, allulose, and monk fruit for natural alternatives to sugar with lower caloric content.  In cases where we do opt to include sugar, like the Fusion Super Spread, for example, we tend toward raw, unprocessed forms, in this case light brown sugar.  

How/where can I buy?

Our products are available on Amazon (search for Fusion Super Foods) or for purchase directly from our store here:  LINK. “Currently, Fusion Products are only available online - guilt free pleasure at your fingertips!

Why doesn't my local store carry your product? 

We want to make more Hemplete accessible, too! We’re working diligently to put our hemp protein bars on shelves everywhere. Simply turn in a product request form at customer service next time you go shopping. 

Re: product request form

Can I sell your products in my retail store?

Absolutely.  Simply fill out a wholesale inquiry here:  and a member of our team will reach out to you ASAP. 

How long to ship?

Are you hiring?

Currently we are not hiring for any specific role.  However, we’re always interested in talented and passionate people.  If you’re really interested in working with us, you can send our hiring manager an email here:  Include Subject Line:  Fusion Careers Inquiry

Subscription soft sell

Hemp:  will it affect me? education about oil

Why are the bars oily?

All of our bars start with nuts, which release oil when they are mixed with the other real food ingredients that make up our bars. Just like your organic peanut butter from the grocery will develop a layer of oil on top over time. Since we don’t use any preservatives or weird ingredients this can happen sometimes, especially in higher temperatures. We do our best to minimize the oil separation through our mixing processes and carefully balanced recipes. However, natural ingredients can vary, which means our bars will sometimes vary as well. Keeping your bars stored in cooler temperatures can help minimize the occurrence of oil separation.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally, but our primary focus is shipping within the contiguous united states.  International shipping can be expensive and has factors outside of our control, such as time to fulfillment, etc

Nutritional specs:  please see product pages for NFPs/Ingredient statements (links)


Will I fail a drug test?

Absolutely not.  

Why are your bars more expensive than most?

Our bars contain premium ingredients and have a larger net weight (63g per bar) than almost any of our competitors.  For this reason, you’re actually getting more bar for your buck.  Relative to other hemp-related products, our bars actually come in at a lower cost overall.  

What makes your products better than competitors?

See above

Where are your products produced?

Right here in the USA, baby. 


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